Sustaining Donation

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A Sustaining Donation is an automated recurring monthly payment. By choosing to donate in this manner, you help RJCA reduce our overhead and allow us to have more consistent levels of donations throughout the year in order to better maintain our programs.


$10/month— fee waived for one adult with financial hardship

$15/month—Training one facilitator

$20/month—Refreshments for 20 community conferences

$25/month—One youth is conferenced

Review and Confirm

"It helped me to see that I am way better than my past decisions and that I can accomplish so much more with the right mindset and surroundings."—referred participant


ending expiring
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: I authorize Restorative Justice Community Action, INC to charge the amount listed above to the credit card provided herein. I agree to pay for this donation and understand that it will be a sustaining donation that is processed monthly, starting on this day of the month, until I give 30-day notice to terminate it.
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