Announcements & New Business


The Horizons Project is hosting a panel called “Good vs Toxic Polarization: Insights from Activists and Peacebuilders” on April 9th, 2:00 3:30 pm EDT.

Click the link below to register on Zoom:…/regi…/tJModumqrjgoHdd-T2NM60bYEWWoGvUGp46M

“As part of the Horizons Project, an initiative of PartnersGlobal Institute and Humanity United committed to strengthening practical dialogue between the social justice, peacebuilding, and democracy communities in the US, we are examining ways to address the deep polarization that threatens the foundations of our democracy. On the one hand, polarizing narratives are a key tool of nonviolent mobilization and social justice activism; on the other hand, toxic polarization, where the other side is seen as an irreconcilable enemy, can undermine the legitimacy of democratic norms and institutions and increase the likelihood of political violence. Which aspects of polarization are good and normal, and when does polarization tip over into dangerous toxicity? We will hear from scholars, activists and peacebuilders.

Dr. Peter Coleman, professor of psychology and education at Columbia University, executive director of Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity, and renowned expert on conflict resolution.
Tabitha Moore, Vermont racial justice advocate, licensed therapist, law enforcement official, and child welfare expert; works at the intersection of individual and community identity development and systemic oppression.”


The Institute for Economics and Peace is holding a talk called “Strengthening Resilience and Peacefulness in the United States”. It will take place on Friday, March 26th from 2:00-3:30 PM EDT. Click the following week to register over Zoom:…/regi…/tJAld-GoqD8jHdNEesDttodCb4UMHF1YVDqJ

From IEP’s description of the event: “What can the US learn from the world’s most resilient nations and how can that be used to strengthen resilience locally? Measures of peacefulness and resilience in the US have been deteriorating for over a decade but the country still weathers social and ecological storms better than most. However, increasing grievances, persistent inequities and rising extremism are eroding the country’s ability to deal with current and future threats. This session will outline IEP research on peacefulness in the US and present a tool that can help organizations to holistically explore challenges and opportunities for building peace at a local level.”



As jury selection begins on March 8th in the trial of police officer Chauvin, here are some opportunities and resources that the Legal Rights Center is offering to provide community support. Check out their website for more details, in addition to the Community Youth Worker Cohort they are offering.



Thank you to the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute(MPLI) for highlighting the work of RJCA and current efforts by our Executive Director, Cynthia Prosek, to help our communities prepare for the upcoming trial of the 4 police officers involved in the murder of George Floyd.

See the attached MPLI March Newsletter for the array of programming they offer from education in Restorative Justice, and Strategies for Trauma and Resilience (STAR) to their Women’s Film Festival, among many others. Thank you MPLI for the incredible work you do to promote healing and peace in our communities!


We got featured by Minnesota Compass in “who leads  in MN?”

Check it out in the link below!