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Check out the Star Tribune article about the newest restorative justice diversion program in the City of Minneapolis, for Obstruction citations! Click on the picture below to see the full article.

Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal, shown in 2012 with Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Check out the article about restorative justice from the St. Cloud Times, featuring Cynthia Prosek & Tina Sigel of RJCA! Click on the picture below to see the full article.

Thanks to the University of St. John’s and St. Benedict’s College for hosting the 28th Annual Peace Conference, and inviting RJCA to be a part of the conversation.

Check out the most recent Star Tribune article focusing on restorative justice in Minneapolis Juvenile diversion! Click the picture below to read the full article.

Minneapolis police, advocates push for a better path for troubled teens: The force, prosecutors and advocates are pushing to give more ‘kids an opportunity to be kids.’

While Minneapolis police push to steer troubled young people into a juvenile diversion program out of the criminal justice system, Hennepin County Mike Freeman’s office is trying to standardize diversion programs across the county.