Save the Date Summer Gathering '15

Save The Date Facilitation Training Sept 18-20, 2015

Weekly Quotes:

It is vital the community should be aware that negative actions can impact, and result in the community having bad status. Such as, selling a liquor to a minor is not acceptable. Therefore it impacts them and they will remain in a bad situation…serving my community was a pleasure, and mistakes are not acceptable. Thus, the process was helpful and I learned a lot from this experience.
-RJCA Past Participant

Check out the most recent Star Tribune article focusing on restorative justice in Minneapolis Juvenile diversion! Click the picture below to read the full article.

Minneapolis police, advocates push for a better path for troubled teens: The force, prosecutors and advocates are pushing to give more ‘kids an opportunity to be kids.’

While Minneapolis police push to steer troubled young people into a juvenile diversion program out of the criminal justice system, Hennepin County Mike Freeman’s office is trying to standardize diversion programs across the county.