Weekly Quotes

Weekly Quotes 04.01.16

“So thankful for this opportunity. I got offered a job because of RJCA! I learned my lesson.” -Past RJCA Participant “This program let me see the negative effects of prostitution. I will make sure never to visit one again. This is a good program.” -Past RJCA Participant

Weekly Quotes 03.25.16

“Besides removing the charge from my record, I took many things away from talking with community members and volunteering at Loaves & Fishes. It felt great serving meals to the underprivileged in Minneapolis, and seeing how the actions of some impact others. Great to see from a different perspective through this program.” -Past RJCA Participant […]

Weekly Quotes 03.18.16

“This program is a great opportunity to give back and right your wrongs. I feel like I have learned more about the dangers of alcohol from my research that I did for my agreement. I appreciated this opportunity very much.” -Past RJCA Participant “RJCA helped me understand how my actions can affect others. I got […]

Weekly Quotes 03.11.16

“This is a much better path than just paying a fine. I learned more about volunteer opportunities in my community and how negative actions impact those around me.” -Past RJCA Participant “I enjoyed helping the community around me and the people in it through RJCA.” -Past RJCA Participant

Weekly Quotes 03.04.16

“Sometimes one might think they’re not hurting anyone but their actions affect the entire community. The restorative justice process helped me understand this better.” -Past RJCA Participant “RJCA helped me see the community in a different way going through this process and I learned a lot about the community itself.” -Past RJCA Participant