Monthly Archives: February 2016

Weekly Quotes 02.26.16

“This program offered a good way to fix what you did outside of court. It made me feel good to be an active part of the community while picking up trash.” -Past RJCA Participant “I learned that community service and volunteering can be enjoyable. I would highly recommend this program to others.” -Past RJCA Participant

Become an RJCA Facilitator!

Don’t forget, today is the last day to register for this month’s Facilitator Training with RJCA! Spread the word to your friends who might be interested… Don’t worry – if you can’t make the full training next weekend, the next Facilitator Training weekend will be held Friday, May 13th through Sunday, May 15th. Contact Tina […]

Weekly Quotes 02.19.16

“Being a student community member, I enjoy dedicating my time to improve my community and making it a wonderful place for all. I also like being a tag-team with [the community members more experienced in this process, and who have lived in the area for a long time!]” -RJCA Community Member “This process benefitted me […]

Weekly Quotes 02.12.16

“I would definitely recommend this program as it helped me make amends to my community while clearing my name and my record from a minor misdemeanor of underage alcohol consumption. I learned a lot from the program by doing community service and keeping a sober log, much more than what I would have learned by […]

Weekly Quotes 02.05.16

“Because of RJCA I was able to stay out of court. This program is what everyone needs, a sit down, and a second chance. Thank you.” -Past RJCA Participant “I made a therapy appointment with a licensed clinical therapist and have scheduled additional sessions that I’m looking forward to. Thank you for the clear and […]