Monthly Archives: August 2015

Weekly Quotes 08.28.15

“It is vital the community should be aware that negative actions can impact, and result in the community having bad status. Such as, selling a liquor to a minor is not acceptable. Therefore it impacts them and they will remain in a bad situation…serving my community was a pleasure, and mistakes are not acceptable. Thus, […]

Summer 2015 Community Gathering!

Our end-of-summer gathering is here! The first night of our facilitator training in September will be a part of a larger conversation and reflection looking at pressing community topics. Our very own, K.C. Harrison will be leading the workshop, focusing on the significance of Restorative Justice in YOUR life and YOUR community. We cannot wait […]

Weekly Quotes 08.21.15

“I felt this program changed my mind on many things, I came into it thinking it would be long and dumb, but overall it was a good experience. At the AA meeting I attended, I really learned about true alcoholism first hand and it was fun volunteering to serve food to people!” -RJCA Past Participant

Weekly Quotes 08.14.15

“It’s a beneficial program for both the people involved and the community.” -RJCA Past Participant “It’s an eye opening alternative that makes you active in the community…the satisfaction of being able to impact so many lives while meeting RJCA requirements was a huge benefit.” -RJCA Past Participant