Month: July 2015

  • Weekly Quotes 07.31.15

    “Gives people the opportunity to right their wrongs in a constructive way.” -RJCA Past Participant “This program helped me grow as an individual and made me aware of how many people support me.” -RJCA Past Participant

  • Weekly Quotes 07.24.15

    “Felt good to confront my issue and learn from it.” -RJCA Past Participant “I met some very nice people at Mt. Olive. I enjoyed helping out with the food program…This program helped me see beyond myself and become interested in others.” -RJCA Past Participant

  • Weekly Quotes 07.17.15

    “I was able to take part in deciding the best course of action instead of being handed a punishment. Because of RJCA I met some great people at Loaves & Fishes, and felt that I made a positive impact on the people I helped. I think Restorative Justice is a great way to make amends…

  • Weekly Quotes 07.10.15

    “I would recommend this program to anyone eligible. The staff that I worked with was great at communicating and respectful. The work was meaningful.” -RJCA Past Participant “Young people need to know how they fit into the wider community and their own future. RJCA allows that to happen through meaningful conversations.” -RJCA Community Member

  • Weekly Quotes 07.03.15

    “I am very thankful for this program and would encourage others that have made poor choices to take this route. It allows you to grow from your mistakes and become a better person. I had many positive experiences with this program. I now feel like a stronger person, and closer to my community.” -RJCA Past…