Monthly Archives: June 2015

Weekly Quotes 06.26.15

“I feel that I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the impact that my actions can make on the community. I also learned that I am not immune to the power of the law, even though as a teenager I may feel that way sometimes.” -RJCA Past Participant “Great alternative to dealing with the court system, […]

Weekly Quotes 06.19.15

“My experience with RJCA allowed me the opportunity to learn and grow from my actions. It turned my feelings of shame and embarrassment into acceptance and understanding. It also gave me the chance to get involved in my community, which gave me a greater sense of connectedness.” -RJCA Past Participant “This program allows you to […]

Weekly Quotes 06.12.15

“RJCA provides the ability to restore the consequences of a crime and grow from the experience, rather than having it follow you on your record and impact your future in a damaging way. It disrupts a potential cycle of negativity and transforms it into a positive, productive experience for the participants and the community.” – […]

Weekly Quotes 06.05.15

“I felt that justice was served to the right people in a balanced way.” – RJCA Past Participant “I appreciated the opportunity to do this program instead of just getting punished with no remorse. I was able to make my mistakes right.” – RJCA Past Participant