Referred Participant Program Fees

The conferencing program registration fee is $125, due by the agreement deadline. If we do not receive the registration payment by the deadline, the agreement will not be complete. Please note that payments are non-refundable, unless your case is found ineligible.

Pre-payment is NOT required to attend your conference; however payment will not be accepted at the community conference.

To request a full or partial fee waiver (due to financial hardship), please call the Case Coordinator, Stephen Karlya, at (612)746-0786.

Call office for rates at (612)746-0780.

How to Pay
In-office – We accept Visa, MasterCard, or exact cash payments.

Checks or Money Orders – Send a $125 check or money order payable to Restorative Justice Community Action to:

Restorative Justice Community Action
401 Groveland Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403