Implicit Bias

Weekly Quotes 03.11.16

“This is a much better path than just paying a fine. I learned more about volunteer opportunities in my community and how negative actions impact those around me.” -Past RJCA Participant “I enjoyed helping the community around me and the people in it through RJCA.” -Past RJCA Participant

Community Gathering 03.11.16 @5pm

Get back to our roots & connect with neighbors in the fight for a more equitable justice system! Join RJCA staff and fellow volunteers at our Circle next Friday evening to talk about the significance and role of restorative justice in our lives. Bring a friend – this is a […]

Weekly Quotes 03.04.16

“Sometimes one might think they’re not hurting anyone but their actions affect the entire community. The restorative justice process helped me understand this better.” -Past RJCA Participant “RJCA helped me see the community in a different way going through this process and I learned a lot about the community itself.” […]

Weekly Quotes 02.26.16

“This program offered a good way to fix what you did outside of court. It made me feel good to be an active part of the community while picking up trash.” -Past RJCA Participant “I learned that community service and volunteering can be enjoyable. I would highly recommend this program […]

Become an RJCA Facilitator!

Don’t forget, today is the last day to register for this month’s Facilitator Training with RJCA! Spread the word to your friends who might be interested… Don’t worry – if you can’t make the full training next weekend, the next Facilitator Training weekend will be held Friday, May 13th through […]