Yearly Archives: 2015

Weekly Quotes 11.13.15

“I think that this program is wonderful for those that actually seek repentance for their actions. [RJCA] provides a positive outlet and opportunity.” -Past RJCA Participant “I learned that even small donations and a little money can help the community.” -Past RJCA Participant

Weekly Quotes 11.06.15

“I felt I left the conference with a reminder that we’re all human and we all make mistakes, we all have needs. This process was fantastic! Thank you RJCA for all the work you put into the program to make conferences successful!” -RJCA Community Member “RJCA made me feel like […]

Weekly Quotes 10.30.15

“RJCA helped me learn a lot about myself, and I feel like I have improved as a person. Thank you for this opportunity.” -Past RJCA Participant “RJCA allows people to think about his/her actions and how they affect others. I saw how older members are affected by my actions even […]

Weekly Quotes 10.23.15

“Participating in this program is a good way to get involved in your community. I met new people and had a chance to give back. Thanks for allowing me another chance!” -Past RJCA Participant “Going through RJCA helped me learn from an otherwise ugly situation. I learned some things about […]