Monthly Archives: October 2015

Weekly Quotes 10.30.15

“RJCA helped me learn a lot about myself, and I feel like I have improved as a person. Thank you for this opportunity.” -Past RJCA Participant “RJCA allows people to think about his/her actions and how they affect others. I saw how older members are affected by my actions even […]

Weekly Quotes 10.23.15

“Participating in this program is a good way to get involved in your community. I met new people and had a chance to give back. Thanks for allowing me another chance!” -Past RJCA Participant “Going through RJCA helped me learn from an otherwise ugly situation. I learned some things about […]

Weekly Quotes 10.16.15

“This program allows participants to openly work through their issues so they can form an understanding with members of the community that they affected. It feels like a proactive method for dealing with issues rather than a form of punishment.” -Past RJCA Participant “I really got to know members in […]