Monthly Archives: February 2015

Weekly Quote 02.27.15

“This is a great program. I am proud to be a part of it; I get a lot out of participating and feel that I am doing something beneficial for my community.” – RJCA Community Member “[RJCA] allows a good alternative to legal punishment while helping the community.” – RJCA […]

Weekly Quote 02.20.15

“This program helped me make better choices and think about how my choices can affect other people.” – RJCA Past Participant “[RJCA is a] great process that really helped me out. I was very upset with myself for getting into trouble in the first place, and this program helped me […]

Weekly Quote 02.13.15

“[RJCA] gives you an understanding of how your actions can affect you and others…I didn’t realize the affect I have on a large community.” – RJCA Past Participant “It was a great learning process…I learned more about the less fortunate community around me. This experience was truly eye opening.” – […]

Weekly Quote 02.06.15

“…You can make connections in your community through the community service aspect of the program…I made a new friend as we volunteered together.” – Past RJCA Participant “RJCA helps show what a difference your positive actions can make on your community.” – Past RJCA Participant