Weekly Quote 01.29.15

Where you begin to discover who you are:


You have all the friends in the world


You are dedicated to your school work and GPA


A scholarship could make all the difference in the world

And then there are the 'Average People'

Just trying to get by

So what happens when the popular lose their status?
Or when the nerds fail their finals?
What happens when the jocks can't play anymore?

All you're left with are the average people.
So why is it that those average students seem to be the most
insignificant? They struggle daily to strive in their education.

They are the ones who will work the hardest.

They just need a little guidance that's all...

WE are the average people.
WE are worth just as much as everyone else.

So why do we seem to get overlooked constantly?


-- Lindsey Williams, RJCA Youth, 2015